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The Nature of Gardening
Winter Garden Workshop

Explores the connection between nature and the garden to create healthy, attractive, environmentally friendly landscapes that inspire us and benefit the natural world. Featuring presentations by well-known experts and hands-on demonstrations, attendees will take away a wealth of information and inspiration for thier own gardens.

Nature Education

Nature education programs are designed to instill awareness and understanding of the natural world in children and adults alike. Hands-on nature study through examination of plant and animal artifacts, demonstrations and outdoor exploration for families, schools and other groups are offered on-site at Welkinweir or at various community locations. For more information on these nature education programs click here.

Internships and Fellowships

Welkinweir Summer Intern Position

The Welkinweir Summer Internship Program is designed to give students majoring in horticulture or related plant science fields hands-on horticulture experience at a public garden. These 8 -12 week positions give interns an opportunity to learn a wide variety of tasks essential to the maintenance and improvement of the grounds. In addition to onsite learning, interns have the opportunity to visit other public gardens, as well as trade shows and conferences, in the Philadelphia area. Applications accepted until May 31 of each year. Send your resume, cover letter, and references to: Director – Welkinweir, 1368 Prizer Road, Pottstown, PA 19465. For more information please call 610-469-7543 or email victoria@greenvalleys.org.

Education programs at WelkinweirWelkinweir Curatorial Fellowship

The Welkinweir Curatorial Fellowship offers a unique experiential learning opportunity for an individual seeking a career in public horticulture. A Fellow will have the opportunity to experience the full range of activities and challenges associated with curating and managing a public garden by working closely throughout the program term of 9 to 12 months with the Director. The practical skills and inimitable experiences acquired during the Welkinweir Fellowship will be of significant benefit throughout a Fellow’s career and will position him / her well for future advancement within the profession. Housing is available onsite at Welkinweir and the Fellow must live onsite. A financial stipend is paid in semi-monthly installments. Additional benefits include medical insurance, retirement benefits, and funds for off -site educational programs, courses, and conferences under the discretion of the Director. Local and regional field trip opportunities to visit other institutions of public horticulture will be provided. Applications are due by March 1 of each year. For more information please contact Victoria Laubach at 610-469-7543 or victoria@greenvalleys.org.

Bird box monitoring at WelkinweirVolunteer Opportunities at Welkinweir

Bird Box Monitoring

Regular monitoring of the birdnest boxes throughout the Welkinweir Property. Results are sent to the Cornell Lap of Ornithology in support of their Citizen Science Program.


Tasks will involve working with the director on garden maintenance (weather permitting): planting, pruning, weeding and mulching of the various gardens. Individuals (or small groups) may adopt a garden. The volunteer(s) will be responsible for the maintenance of that garden, which may be done at the convenience of the volunteer(s).

Trail Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the trails throughout the property including cutting/clearing of brush, repair of erosion, and foot bridge maintenance.

For more information, please contact Victoria Laubach at 610.469.7543.

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